Indonesia International Landscape and Greenery Exhibition
19 - 21 July 2018, Jakarta International Expo
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Inspired by the beauty of nature itself, landscaping and gardening business are growing steadily, with everybody wanting to take at least a little piece of nature with them. From a considered luxury, landscaping and gardening had taken on to be an expected necessity. In addition, landscaping and gardening raises the value of the property thus becoming a key aspect in any development and municipalities.

Driven by this trend, it indicates a need for a solid and professional avenue to bring together the buyers and sellers of this business. EXPO URBANSCAPE & Greenery is launched to serve this very need. From mega project, government contract, to indoor gardening and event decoration, all supplies, equipment and technology can be found here at EXPO URBANSCAPE & Greenery.

Jakarta as the host city of EXPO URBANSCAPE & Greenery is the ideal choice:
  • Being the capital with huge span of commercial buildings and properties, residential complexes make a highly potential market for landscape and gardening;
  • Government direction to enhance the greeneries in Jakarta opens up a surge of demand for landscape and gardening products and services;
  • Easy connection from all cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries
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