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EXPO URBANSCAPE & Greenery is a dedicated trade show to highlight the landscape and greenery industry while advocating for greener cities, offering ideas for urban greeneries

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Landscape and Greenery are essentially parts of the urban living, creating a harmonious connection between human, buildings, infrastructure and the nature. Urban landscape is more than just garden and greeneries in the city. It includes the entire design of the city itself, the streets, sidewalks, everything which shapes the city, its functionality and culture. Proper and good planning is vital in urban landscape as it is affected by various elements such as topography, structures, existing greenery, climate, sun exposure, soil condition, irrigation and drainage. All the elements should be carefully considered in designing the urban landscape in balance.


The only dedicated trade show for the landscape & greenery industry


Network with professional, industry peers & senior officials


Value-packed event with knowledge, insight & opportunity

Benefits of urban landscape


Improve the quality of air, water and soil


Reduce the negative impacts of climate change


Provide an open space for the community to engage, exerice and socialize